Total Alink (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established as collection outsource agency in November 2011. We provide the excellent and efficiency Debt collection service and realize on client’s good image as a top priority especially the client confidentiality information protection.

We has expanded new branch at Rama 2 in order to cover with the growth business and also have the highly skilled personnel and systematic services by adoption of technology , we ready to render services and meet any challenges with efficiency.


  • We are committed to providing excellent and efficiency service to serve client’s satisfaction and preserve client’s good image as a top priority.
  • We are committed to providing cross border service through our strength operations and systems both inbound and outbound.
  • We are providing our staffs with special intensive training courses and use technology in managing service to build the quality services.

    Our proficiency and experience of debt collection service combined with our valuable source of business know-how helps to generate real revenue and recover bad debts for maintaining a healthier-looking cash flow.


    By using a collection outsource agency, certain expenses for recruitment, employment taxes and overhead (e.g. computer, electricity, office space) can be reduced. TAL charges only for collected debts.


    Choosing a collection outsource agency to handle bad debt saves precious time and resources. This will allow you to focus back on your main business with confidence.